Kyle: Kiltarlity’s Local Hero at Just 8 Years Old

Kiltarlity's local hero. 8 year old Kyle Mackay

Meet Kyle, the community of Kiltarlity’s Local Hero at Just 8 Years Old. This winter, he got down to the nitty-gritty and instead of making snowmen decided to help the residents of his home village by salting the streets.

Kiltarlity’s Local Hero

An inspiration to his community, Kyle joined the ranks of Willie Matheson, co-founder of Kiltarlity Community Events to aid the village’s Winter Resilience Scheme. The young lad showed much enthusiasm, using just a standard wheelbarrow and shovel.  This prompted Willie to approach several companies to aid the community in providing a salt spreader.

Supplying the Community

Local Construction company, William Gray, jumped at the chance to support the community and agreed to fund the gritter. Willie approached MacGregor’s to see if we could provide the specific product he wanted, and we did. Willie mentioned, “we came to MacGregors because you’ve always been good to us with generators and things for events and the quality is there”.

To aid Kyle in the cold dark months we also provided him with a jacket from our hi-vis range for kids, hat, and gloves. We even personalised the jacket with Kyle’s name on the front and back which he liked most: “I like the badge and my name best. It’s like a footballer.”

Community Spirit on the Rise

Kiltarlity Community Events was created by a group of like-minded individuals who look to “Up the community spirit in Kiltarlity”. He went on to say “We’ve now organised the turning on of the community lights, local barbecues in the summer”. Kiltarlity Community Events concentrating on looking to the future to develop Kiltarlity’s community further.

The Future of the Community

Willie was so impressed with the involvement of Kyle. He can already see his vision of a greater community spirit evolving. And this is only the beginning. Going from strength to strength, Willie has his eyes set on fundraising for a tractor for Kiltarlity. “This will help with the summer grass cutting,” he said.