New Honda Pioneer Coming Soon

Our Forest and Groundcare division are expecting the new Honda Pioneer demonstrator into stock next month.

Check out this video from Honda’s recent dealer demo day with the Pioneer in action – see how it keeps going, even after having the engine and transmission totally submerged for more than 2 minutes!

Honda Pioneer 700

A video clip from Honda's dealer demo day with new Pioneer in action, 4 mins into the clip the 4 seater in front gets hung up on a rock half way through a deep water crossing and it spends nearly 2 minutes with engine and transmission totally submerged but it keeps going and gets out because there is no drive belts to get wet! If you were in a machine with a CVT belt driven transmission I think you might still be there!Sorry about the video quality!

Posted by MacGregor ATV on Tuesday, 10 January 2017


The 4 seater Pioneer has the same wheelbase as the 2 seater, but the rear seats fold away flat to leave a normal tipping bed.

Contact Chris Buchan, our ATV sales rep, on 01463 277700 to find out more information. In addition you can also keep updated with MacGregor ATV on Facebook.