4 Products You Need To Have For Spring Cleaning

hygiene and janitorial supplies on a shelf. Products you need to have for preparing to spring cleaning

4 Products You Need To Have For Spring Cleaning

Sometimes getting the right products can be the difference between attempting to spring clean and spring cleaning successfully. In this article, we have outlined 4 of the must-have products you need to have for spring cleaning. Consideration of what products are needed when spring cleaning is one of the most important steps in our article How to Prepare For Spring Cleaning.

  • How To Get Your Windows Gleaming

    • “A little Magic Dazzle goes a long way when cleaning the inside and outside of your windows. Wash them on a cloudy day to ensure that the sun won’t dry the cleanser before you’re done wiping down your windows.”
      • Product: Magic Dazzle – 10029536
  • Solutions For Cleaning Surfaces

    • “Once you’ve seen to the tougher chores, wipe down surfaces with a cleanser or polish, paying close attention to the legs and any hidden crevices. Make sure to do this last so you don’t have to go back over surfaces.”
      • Product: Jangro Multi-Surface Polish – 10040980
  • Finish Your Floors

    • Protect your floors in the kitchen from wear and tear. Using a floor cleaner will keep them looking fresher and add a protective buffer that could help them last longer. Use a floor cleaner that cleans and shines for a professional finish.”
      • Product: Multi-Purpose Biotek Citrus Cleaner – 10029543
  • Bring Life Back To Your Carpets

    • “A deep clean will help restore a carpet’s colour and texture. Using a high-performance vacuum cleaner or hiring a professional will allow you to bring a new lease of life to your carpet.”
      • Product: Truvox Vaccum – 10095347

These products are all sold through our Hygiene and Catering department. There are many more options and products to suit every cleaning requirement.