4 Steps Highland Locksmiths Suggest To Help Ensure You Are GDPR Compliant

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What is GDPR?

The GDPR (General Data Protection Act 2018) will come into effect from 25 May 2018. This law will replace the current standard for processing data in the EU, the 1995 Data Protection Directive. This new 2018 act will allow individuals more power to demand knowledge of the information on them. The other side of the GDPR for companies is how that data is stored. Questions must be asked such as:

  • What Information does your business hold?
  • How is the data stored?
  • Who has access to this data?
  • Is the data secure?

In today’s age, people tend to think about data and information in a digital format. However, the GDPR includes all forms of information that you collect from your customers. This means the digital and even traditional print.

For a more information on GDPR click here.

Step 1 – What Information Do You Hold?

First, if you haven’t done so already, you must audit your own customer data and information to see what you have collected and what information you are still collecting. This includes everything from name, email address, home address, biometric data and more.

Step 2 – How is the data stored?

Identify how you store your data. If it’s electronic, do you have a dedicated server room or is it as simple as a computer? If it’s paper, is there filing cabinets or filing rooms? Once you have this knowledge you can move on to making it secure.

Step 3 – Who Has Access To These Areas?

A vital part of the GDPR is accountability within the company. This means that you must know who has access to what, where and when. Generating a list of people who have access to sensitive information and understanding how they have access is integral.

Step 4 – Is The Data Secure?

Once you action the previous questions it is important to ensure the data is secured. Identify the needs for any extra security measures.

  • Do you have all paper information stored in lockable cupboard or filing cabinet?
  • Is your computer in a locked room with limited access?
  • Does your door to your server room have a look or keypad?
  • Is there CCTV in your premises that watch secure areas?
  • Do you need extra keys cut to access these areas or do you need your locks changed because there is too much access?

How MacGregor Industrial Supplies Can Help You With GDPR

If this article has you questioning your data security then MacGregors Can help. Our Highland Locksmiths and Security Systems Division has been securing data for many clients in the run-up to GDPR. We have solutions to help keep your customer information contained.

Whether you need CCTV, restricted (master suites) locking, electronic locking or extra keys cut, we can help. Contact our Locksmiths division on 01463 717 999 so we can consult you on the most efficient accessibility processes to ensure business compliance.