We have the following generators available for hire:

Honda EU20i 2kVA Petrol Generator

  • 2000W maximum output with dual 3-pin AC sockets
  • 12V 8A DC output for charging batteries
  • Lightweight at just 23kg
  • 10.5hrs running time on a single tank at a quarter load

Honda EU10i 1kVA Petrol Generato

  • 1000W maximum output with 3-pin AC socket
  • 12V 8A DC output for recharging batteries
  • Lightweight at just 13kg
  • 8.3hrs running time on a single tank at a quarter load

Loncin LC2000i 1.6kW Petrol Generator

  • 2x 230V 13A AC 3 pin sockets
  • 1x 12V 8.3A DC socket
  • Rated output: 1.6 kW
  • Max output: 1.8 kW
  • Weight: 21kg
  • Running time: 7hrs

Stephill 3.4kVA Petrol Generator

  • 2x 230V 16A BS4343 sockets
  • 1x 115V 16A BS4343 socket
  • 1x 115V 32A BS4343 socket
  • Power: 3.4kVA / 2.7kW
  • Weight: 36kg

Loncin 3.5kVA Petrol Generator

  • 1x 230V 16A socket
  • 1x 110v 16A socket
  • Rated output: 2.8kW
  • Max output: 3.1kW
  • DC Charging: 12V 8.3A DC

Loncin 7.5kVA Petrol Generator

  • 1x 230V 32A AC socket
  • 2x 110v 32A AC socket
  • Rated output: 6kW
  • Max output: 7.5kW
  • DC Charging: 12V 8.3A DC

Stephill 2.6kVA Diesel Generator

  • 1x 115V 16A BS4343 AC socket
  • 1x 230V 16A BS4343 AC socket
  • Rated output: 2.1kW
  • Weight: 69kg

ArcGen 6kVA Diesel Generator

ArcGen 15kVA Diesel Generator

Shindaiwa 15kVA Diesel Generator

Denyo 20, 30 & 40kVA Diesel Generators

MHM 45kVA Diesel Generator

MHM SS 40kVA Diesel Generator

Airman 50kVA Diesel Generator

FGW XD 60kVA Diesel Generator

Inmesol 60kVA Diesel Generator

SDMO 100kVA Diesel Generator

AEM 100kVA Diesel Generator

Inmesol 100kVA Diesel Generator

SDMO 200kVA Diesel Generator

Cummins 200kVA Diesel Generator

SDMO 40kVA Diesel Generator

SDMO 60kVA Diesel Generator

We also hold a range of accessories such as earth spikes, transportation trailers, generator covers, shutoff valves etc.

Please use the contact form on this page to inquire about hiring from us.

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