More bang for your buck with Hobbyweld!

Rent free gas cylinders available at MIS. Hobbyweld 5, Hobbyweld 15, Argon, Oxygen, Acetylene, Nitrogen, Carbon dioxide & helium.


During the tough times its important to stick together… Say hello to Hobbyweld!

We know that DIY has been a hot topic for many during lockdown and the on-going ‘stay at home’ message. Many people have been using Hobbyweld to carry out restoration projects on cars similar to this one. However, it can be used across a vast variety of different industries such as: aviation, agriculture, vehicle body repairs, aquaculture, welding, refrigeration and even home brewing!

You can purchase Hobbyweld Gas at our branches in Inverness, Elgin, Portree, Stornoway, Kirwall and Aberdeen.

All Hobbyweld gas cylinders are rent free at MIS! Meaning you pay a one off, refundable deposit and gas fill for the first cylinder you get. You can keep the cylinder for as long as you need and use it as often or as little as you want. Rent free!

So, get more bang for your buck with Hobbyweld Acetlyne with our rent-free gas options! We offer:

Acetylene – Hottest and most efficient fuel gas on the market with temperatures reaching up to 3500 °C when mixed with oxygen

Hobbyweld 5 – Mainly used for MIG welding and on thin sheets of mild steel

Hobbyweld 15 – Agricultural, on-site & mobile welding, structural steel work and general fabrication

Argon – Used for TIG welding stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminium. Used in the repair of alloy wheels, farming equipment, vehicle body panels, model work and metals used for aircraft

Oxygen – Traditionally used with a fuel gas (acetylene, propane or propylene) for cutting, welding, brazing and soldering

Nitrogen– Refrigeration engineers and vehicle air conditioning firms. Food preservation, wine propelling and is even used in many light bulbs

All our Hobbyweld products are packaged and sold correctly and customers are provided with correct storage instructions to follow. Please visit your local branch or contact us at sales@macgregorsupplies for more information!