Recycle And Go Green | Supplying Compostable Products In Scotland

Go green with MacGregor industrial supplies compostable and biodegradable products. Recycling is the future. Vegware products shown.

Non-Degradable Plastics and their Impact on the Environment

Plastic. Today, it is one of the biggest problems our planet is facing. Our seas, oceans and streets are becoming overwhelmed by the amount of non-degradable materials. Only 9% of all plastics are recycled. In addition, the burning of plastics generates greenhouse gas emissions which contributes to Global warming. We are now starting to ask, are compostable plant-based alternatives the answer to our problems?

Today, everything from straws to coffee cups is made of plastic to meet the current level of consumption. It’s versatile and hard wearing and much of the modern economy depends on its use. Company’s say, to make the same products in a biodegradable form cost a hundred times more than their plastic counterpart.

Recent Changes In Recycling

With domestic campaigns and legislation such as Zero Waste Scotland reigning in environmentally friendly business practices, it’s more important than ever to think about going green. Since these initiatives have begun it has resulted in:

  • An extra 38,000 tonnes of plastic material being put to good use
  • Landfilling is down 22.1% which means local authorities have £25m less to spend on landfill tax
  • Landfilling is less than 4m tonnes

The small changes we make now, have a large effect.

Go Green: We’re Supporting Your Industry

At MacGregor Industrial Supplies, we’re trying to help the effort by making degradable products more available to our customers in the North of Scotland. Currently, we supply to many companies in the food and drink industry, one of the industries that can benefit from sustainable, compostable packaging the most. Furthermore, we’re looking to do our part and provide environmentally friendly products and services where possible across the Highland & Islands, Moray and Aberdeenshire.

Distributing Compostable Products Including Vegware

The Edinburgh based company, Vegware, is currently at the forefront of developing plant-based bio-degradable products for the food and drink industry. As a result, they are influencing markets both domestically and overseas. Therefore, we are proud to be able to include their products in our compostable range:

Compostable Products Can Lift Your Brand

Many worry about the practicalities of bio-degradable items. However, with our compostable range there is the option of branding certain items, so it takes nothing away from your company’s presence. And, in most cases, adds to it.