Reduce the Risk of Coronavirus Infographic

Reduce the Risk of Coronavirus Infographic

Reduce the risk of coronavirus on site or in your workplace with the MIS Reduce The Risk infographic.

We have created an infographic to show our customers steps on how to reduce your risk of infection of coronavirus.

Steps to reduce the risk of coronavirus

1)Wash/Sanitise – It is said that if you wash your hands over 6 times per day that you limit your chances of catching the virus.  The government recommends that if you do not have access to hand washing facilities then you should use sanitiser. At MacGregor Industrial supplies our hygiene and catering department can supply you with soap, sanitiser and sanitising dispensers for your business or your home.

2) Disinfect – You should practice infection control in your business by cleaning and disinfecting. We currently have a new range of  Antiviral Disinfectant that kills a range of pathogenic viruses in under 5 minutes.

3) Protection – The government recommends that you wear something to cover your nose or mouth when it is hard to socially distance, on site, on public transport or food shopping.  We can supply you with fleece snoods and medical face masks.

4) Distance – Government advice is to stay 2 metres away from anyone not from your household. To help stop the spread we can supply social distancing tape and stop the spread posters to enforce social distancing in your workplace.

We are here to help you protect your workers and their families and help stop the spread of the virus. Find our business essential products on our e-store