Snowman Rally 2018

Photo of a car

The Snowman Rally

Organised by the Highland Car Club, 2018 saw the 63rd Annual Snowman Rally tear its way through the Highlands. Originating in 1955, this yearly test of skill pushes drivers to their limits. It’s tested everyone from local motoring club members to future world rally champions.

Since 1955, cars themselves have changed. They’re more powerful, more robust al a lot faster. And, with that so too has the Snowman Rally changed bringing contestants from all over the UK and further to test their skills.

The Snowman Rally and MacGregors

The Snowman Rally has its similarities to our business. Maybe not necessarily the product or service but the care for its patrons. They take the races very seriously and are constantly trying to improve attendee experience and safety. This year, they have teamed up with the Forestry Commission to help design specific spectator viewing points. This means that viewers can catch the action while staying safe. Health and safety is so important to us and many of the industries we cater for. When a partner

MacGregor Industrial Supplies At The Rally

We approached the Highland Car club this year to support their efforts again. Last year we were able to provide them with some necessities for the event. A small expense for keeping such a highly renowned local event on the road. This year we did the same with but added a trailer exhibit set up at the Dingwall Highland Mart service stop. We hope to do even more next year while trying to involve some suppliers such as Autosmart and Teng Tools to name but a few.

The Snowman Rally 2019 is sure to be a great event and we can’t wait to be a part of it again.