Top 10 Work Wear Essentials for Site Work

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When working on any work site, it is important  you are prepared with the essentials to maintain the highest level of safety. Here we have put together our top 10 suggestions for workwear essentials!


For working on site, ensuring you are wearing the appropriate safety equipment is a mandatory part of the job. Helmets are part of the requirements due to the high risks of falling debris, rubble and bricks which can become unstable. Without the appropriate helmets, these incidents can result in serious injuries or fatalities.

The MSA V-Guard helmet is a high quality, robust and durable design which provides lateral contours for easy integration of hearing protection!

top 10 white msa v guard hard hat helmet

Safety Glasses

Safety glasses are crucial in preventing eye injuries. They protect your eyes from a wide variety of hazards such as small particles entering your eye, sparks or flames and chemical splash back. Wearing the appropriate safety glasses significantly reduces the likelihood of serious injury or blindness occurring.

A great product to introduce to any worksite would be the Uvex Pheos Spectacles. The Uvex Pheos glasses combine a modern design while also providing innovative safety spectacle technology. The heart of the glasses is the duo-spherical lens that does not just offer a wide field of vision, but is also particularly scratch-resistant on the outside and features an anti-fog interior thanks to the high-quality uvex supravision coating technology. 

top 10 uvex pheos safety spectacles clear


Depending on what trade you work in, it can be common to encounter materials or substances that would have a negative reaction if they came into contact with bare hands or sharp objects that could cause injuries. For this reason, it is important that your hands are well protected against these substances. Site gloves range from high dexterity gloves to cut resistant to ensure multiple levels of safety in the workplace.

The Eureka 1310-2 Double Shell Nitrile Gloves are a warm and comfortable glove that can provide the protection needed when working on site. The Nitrile coating is great for working in oily conditions!

top 10 Eureka 1310-2 Double Shell Nitrile Gloves orange


There are a range of workwear trousers available for when working onsite. These provide important protection for your legs from cuts, burns or chemicals.  Furthermore, when working through the night or in dim lighting, high visibility trousers are recommended so reduce the likelihood of accidents as a result of not being seen.

The Portwest PW3 Hi-Vis Extreme Trousers provide highly innovative waterproof and extremely breathable trouser that boasts a multitude of useful features including HiVisTex, segmented reflective tape, secure zipped storage pockets, external kneepad pockets, rule pocket and extra-long side leg zips for ease of taking on and off.


During day-to-day site work, the transportation of heavy objects is very common. As a result, wearing appropriate footwear to protect your feet – particularly your toes – is essential. Therefore, toe-capped boots will provide your feet with the optimum protection from heavy objects.

The V12 Avenger, Zip Side Hi-Leg Scuff Cap Boot combines a quick on-off zip-side and a non-snagging lace system to provide good ankle support and a fully adjustable fit. A strong moulded scuff cap protects the vulnerable toe area, and anti-scuff heel protector increases the boot’s life.

top 10 The V12 Avenger, Zip Side Hi-Leg Scuff Cap Boot black

Alternatively, if you are looking for a less bulky boot for work, the Buckler BVIZ2 High Visibility Lace-Up Safety Boot combines EN safety hi-viz fluorescent waterproof Cordura® and cowhide leather upper with reflective piping ensures maximum visibility in any lighting conditions, whether it”s daylight, low light or no light.


top 10 Buckler BVIZ2 High Visibility Lace-Up Safety Boot black and yellow

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