Top tips from Highland Locksmiths

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Home safety top tips this National Home Security Month.

Add security systems to your home

  • Did you know that adding a security system like CCTV cameras, smart locks, antibacterial and traditional locks to your house may reduce the costs of your insurance? We can provide you with 3 star cylinder anti-pick and anti-drill locks. These will provide extra protection for your home and as a result are insurance rated.
  • Adding CCTV cameras will allow you to keep an eye on your house when your away and alert you if anyone does try and enter your home. Having a visible alarm may put an intruder off entering your home. All of our SMART locks and CCTV cameras can all be used and accessed at the click of a button. This allows you to remotely arm your system and turn off false alarms from your smart device.

Don’t share any holiday plans on social media

  • By posting details of being away, people will know you’re your home is potentially empty.

Join your local Neighbourhood watch page

  •  This way you can keep in contact with your neighbours. f anything happens in your area. Join in the community spirit and provide support and advice to your neighbours.

Fit outdoor motion censored lights 

  • Fitting motion censored lights outside can enhance your security. This will potentially scare off any potential intruders as you will see the light if someone tries to enter.

Use an MLA registered Locksmith 

  • Check your windows and doors to ensure that your locks are up to BS3621 standard. If not, you could be susceptible to break-ins. Our team at Highland Locksmiths are all approved by the Master Locksmiths Association which means they are all vetted, inspected and qualified to supply and fit for your house.